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Download Lexmark Interpret S402 Driver Printer

Lexmark Interpret S402 Printer Driver. Multifunctional printer with single ink for the home office. The Lexmark Interpret S402 completes the gap between the Impact S305 and the Intuition S505 and Interact S605 in the company's range of multifunction printers. All four printers have in common the fact that they have begun at Lexmark the departure from the era of the combination color cartridges and instead represent the first models with single ink for the different colors. The target group of devices are home users and the home office. However, the tide has thus not automatically turned to consumers seemingly for the better in other words, the expected low operating costs remain despite individual inks from: The Impact S305, the smallest model in the series, disappointed in a test of the magazine "Computer Bild" with relatively high printing costs, and the Intuition S505 received from Stiftung Warentest in the discipline printing costs only a "satisfactory" ( testfazits, test download ). A similar operating cost test for the interpreter S402, however, is not yet available, which is why it is still open whether at least the interpreter S402 printer can emphasize here with a positive result. Indisputable, on the other hand, is the otherwise very good price / performance ratio of this Lexmark Interpret S402.

Lexmark Interpret S402 Driver Download

The street price of the multifunction printer that has been available since the end of 2009 has already fallen below € 100 ( Amazon ), and for this price, the few customers would probably expect a WLAN-capable multifunction printer with integrated fax, automatic document delivery and card reader for the most common memory cards to obtain. Tests also testify to the colleagues that they are quite fast on the speed of printing, which is why the S405 interpreter is probably similar in this discipline. However, no test results are available yet. If, in the absence of tests, the impressions from the data sheet and the previously produced test results of the three other single-ink printers are summed up, then the interpreter S405 is also expected to be an attractive multifunction printer for users whose print volumes are manageable. However, if you want to be safe, you should wait a little for the first test results.
Download Lexmark Interpret S402 Driver Printer

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