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Download Lexmark C544dn Driver Printer

Lexmark C544dn Printer Driver. The Lexmark C544dn printer was purchased as a back-up printer. The requirement was to print black and white and color pictures and also normal plain text pages everything in A4 with 90g laser paper. The main printer is a Xerox 8560n, has been in operation for about 2 years and an absolutely ingenious part if one absent from the size. Now the Lexmark C544n printer has a design similar or outdated, like a professional fryer. The B/W ultrasound images were catastrophically printed with the default settings of the printer. In B/W they were blurred, in color printing much too blue and also without good details. In addition, white lines were drawn in both modes. Since there is no on-site service for this model, I had the honor to pack the 21 Kg "Monstrum" back into the box and drive to the 30 km distant Lexmarkservice.

There dust was removed from the drums and the problem with the white, vertical lines was repaired. Again, I have hidden the printer under a desk and tried to give it a second chance. Fortunately I have to say because after about 100 attempts I have found the optimal settings for my concerns. The 4800 CQ print was completely useless for the ultrasound images. As if too much blue is used in this resolution. When resolution of 1200 was then everything so far OK. Qualitatively a tick below the Xerox 8560 but quite usable. The time until the start of printing on the first page B/W, Color should be 11 seconds or 12 seconds. Very optimistic. If you only print one page, it will take 25 secs until it is output. A 4-page test file consisting of pure B/W text was in the output slot after 60 seconds. This is certainly OK for small print volumes.

Lexmark C544dn Driver Download

The Lexmark C544dn quality of the text print is however very good, certainly better than for example in the standard mode of the Canon Pixma 6150 which I also have. Color photos have no laboratory quality (which is of course clear) are in the Buisiness completely sufficient and would leave a good impression in the picture frame of a household. Still something to the greatness: The statements of the manufacturer are unfortunately misleading and wrong in the depth. Specified are very moderate 40cm. However, the paper tray protrudes approximately 1.5 cm from the device at the rear and is thus exposed to dust. The power cable (type 3-hole, rigid, as with the PC) protrudes about 5 cm from the rear of the case. In addition, there is a dust cover for the rear of the paper drawer, which is literally 10 cm deep (2cm would have it also done).

The result is that without the dust protection (and the dust of the image drum), still 45cm space is still required, with dust protection just under 50cm. That is only mentioned for people, the part in a 40cm deep closet or a evenly shelter want to ask. All in all a (somewhat more leisurely), relatively compact medium-class color laser the sufficiently fast and qualitatively good his work done. "Out of the box" in my case a disaster, after visiting the service and lengthy attempts but good results, in addition, many interssante setting possibilities over the net interface. In the end, more favorable than the C540n, which is only delivered with starter toners for each 1000 pages. Exciting it is to see how many pages the 2500 or 2000 (BW, color) pages Toner 544n really hold. As far as that is concerned, there are some horror stories of other users on the net. This is often referred to as less than a quarter of the manufacturer's data. We'll see!

Download Lexmark C544dn Driver Printer

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