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Download Lexmark C540n Driver Printer

Lexmark C540n Printer Driver. For a price comparable to that of 30 ppm monochrome printers, the Lexmark offers a 20 ppm color. I keep the network but I lose an option, yet interesting in business: this Lexmark C540n model is not equipped with a double-sided motor. The hope on this product is to find the right balance: a good flow, a low cost page and still a high quality printing. This was the weak point of the Samsung CLP-315. Lexmark advertises 20 pages per minute (ppm). With our test documents, I get 18.2 pages per minute (ppm) in monochrome and color. The Lexmark C540n quality of the prints turns out to be halfway between those of the Samsung CLP-315 (theaccuracy is better on the Lexmark) and the Canon LBP7200 Cdn. Canon still wins for even greater accuracy and for better color accuracy. On the Lexmark, the contrasts are excessively reinforced, which can be problematic if you want to respect the colors of a logo. This also results in gradients that often turn to flat areas. Like the Samsung, even if it's less obvious here, the '' good '' inkjet printers remain more accurate in office. The Lexmark C540n photo prints lack sharpness, but the colors are more neutral, unlike Canon which offers a good sharpness but a colorimetric orange / red.

Lexmark C540n Driver Download

This Lexmark C540n printer has 4 separate toners. It comes with a set of standard cartridges, providing 1000 black and white pages and 1000 pages for each color. These are return program cartridges, which Lexmark offers to return for recycling. They are cheaper than standard cartridges (non-LRP). To get out the cost per page, you have to add the cost in black with 3 x that in color, for cyan, magenta and yellow. The Lexmark Return Program (LRP) cartridges are sold at lower prices than normal cartridges in exchange for the customer's commitment to use the cartridge only once, and return it to Lexmark for reconditioning or recycling. A ''Normal'' cartridges (not accompanied by this license agreement) sold at '' normal '' prices are also available. These cartridges which are more expensive to purchase and can also be recycled for free through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection and Recycling Program. At the level of consumables, two cases occur. From one printer to another, toner, drum and cleaning units are components of the basic consumable or all are separated, to be replaced one after the other, and whose lifetimes vary considerably. This is the case for this Lexmark C540n.

Download Lexmark C540n Driver Printer

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