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Download HP Sprocket Photo Printer Software

HP Sprocket Photo Software Printer. The HP new pocket-sized Sprocket printer took printing a photo takes about 40 seconds from the touch of the button until the image is finished, so you have a good time. Should you print a lot, you should also be careful to load sheets every tenth image and for more, there is no space in the paper tray. In other Polaroid ZIP test, we concluded that the image quality of the small 7.6 x 5.1 cm images was not very impressive, but perfectly useful for its purpose. So also here, something that is not surprisingly taken into consideration is that both the paper and the technology are the same. As before, there is little doubt that the images are exposed to significant amounts of digital magic, and regardless of whether you use filters or you want to look like you have a filter over the image. This comes first and foremost in the form of checked contrast and more saturated and partly inaccurate colors. In particular, the blue is strengthened, while the yellow and red colors often suffer a little.

HP Sprocket Photo Apps Download

How much and in what way varies slightly from image to image. We printed the same images on both Sprocket and a regular desktop laser printer in the editorial offices, and compared. The conclusion was that while the traditional printer provided a little better dynamics and more accurate colors, it was not much better than Sprocket. The style of the pictures thus becomes most a matter of taste and pleasure. By the way, all the pictures have a removable back cover, which reveals a glue layer that lets you stick the pictures to the wall. Smart! It is also good to understand that the ZINK papers are relatively expensive. The cheapest offer we could find (99 kroner for 20 sheets) at the time, gave us a sheet price of 5,5 kroner. It's known in your wallet to fill the wall with memories!

Download HP Sprocket Photo Printer Software

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