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HP Specter 13 13-V104NG Driver Download

HP Specter 13 13-V104NG Driver Download. The HP Specter opens up completely new dimensions in terms of design and technology. High-quality materials and impressive workmanship ensure a unique experience. The most luxurious notebook in the world has a stunning, ultra-thin 10.4 mm design, combined with impressive performance through unbraked Intel® Core ™ performance. Masterful carbon and aluminum workmanship gives this machine the expression of pure luxury. The versatile color of the copper-colored back represents the beauty of the contrasts. Equipped with a display of rugged and scratch-resistant edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla® glass. Inspired by high-end furniture design. With stunning simplicity, the artfully manufactured piston hinge can be folded flush together, thus ensuring precise, almost seamless transitions.

HP Specter 13 13-V104NG Driver Download

In order to equip such a flat notebook with such a high performance, a special cooling concept is required. The innovative breakthrough cooling technology from Intel® actively cools air, rather than just giving warm air. This allows HP to use a more powerful processor without the risk of overheating. In combination with dynamic energy settings, which adapt to your work environment, this notebook remains cool and provides top performance. HP has used an 802.11n 2x2 Wi-Fi antenna to provide you with a faster wireless speed. We have placed them optimally, for maximum reception. All three USB-C Type-C ™ connectors support charging, high-speed data transmission and external displays. Two enable Thunderbolt ™ data transfer at speeds up to 40 Gb / s - up to 8 times faster than USB 3.0. HP Audio Amplifier offers you the maximum volume to enjoy entertainment to the fullest - with unique clarity and a more dynamic sound. Immerse yourself in the brilliant Full HD -IPS display. The crisp picture and the ultimate angle of view ensure that no detail escapes you. Dual HP speakers and in collaboration with experts from Bang & amp. Olufsen's tuned audio functions bring entertainment to life, with a sound you can feel. Enliven your senses with a perfect sound experience on the computer. The Specter notebook is the first notebook with integrated hybrid battery. Four prismatic batteries are spread evenly across the device to maximize the battery capacity in this ultra-flat design - extending your working time with just a single battery charge. So innovative and yet so familiar, so individual and yet so flexible. With the new Windows 10, Microsoft is laying the foundation for an outstanding operating system future, as the OS highlight unites elements such as the start menu, which you already know from Windows 7, with Windows 8 features such as pinned apps. You can also experience the Microsoft Edge browser milestone or trust your clever assistant Contana.
HP Specter 13 13-V104NG Driver Download
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