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Download Lexmark S606 Driver Printer

Lexmark Interact S606 Printer Driver. The Lexmark never had a problem side office quality. The Lexmark S606 solid green is homogeneous, the texts are perfectly legible, the colors do not diffuse one another: it is very good, much more precise than even laser. Now, for a "perfect" rendering, two points could be improved. There, the gradient in the bars has almost disappeared. More finesse in gradients in normal mode would not be rejected. And above all, black ink should dry better and faster. With sweaty hands, the text may be drooling. Then the first impression in photo mode was mixed, until we understood the source of the problem. If I let the printer manage everything in automatic mode, the photos come out really red. For once, do not rely on the intelligence of the printer. For your photos, select the paper you use, the Lexmark recommends its PerfectFinish, which produces good results. Once the settings are manually set, then the color photo outputs are very beautiful, accurate, and unlike previous generations, I no longer see the ink drops. The Lexmark S606 monochrome photos come out a little too dark. This Lexmark S606 multifunction scanner part is not Lexmark's priority. This set did not really change in quality, but they accelerated it. Pre-scanning takes only 5 seconds (instead of 9 before), and processing a 10 x 15 cm @ 300 dpi photo takes 15 seconds (instead of 20). These are now times in the average good.

Lexmark Interact S606 Driver Download

The Lexmark S606 quality is correct, well enough for the use that one will have of such a product. The dive could be better, the rendering in the reds a little more loyal, but it goes. In drift quantified, the average deviation is only 5.5% (this is more accurate than on some dedicated scanners ). Color by color, one notes a peak in the reds. On the copy side, the reproduction of a page in black and white takes 21 seconds, against 29 seconds in color. Again, the progress on the previous generation is significant (it was beyond 40 seconds). As often now, two different capacities of the same cartridges are proposed. Normal or XL. The first ones are cheaper to buy, but they contain much less ink and come back to make it almost twice as expensive to use! You are strongly advised against them. The XL versions hurt the wallet on the go, but in use, this Lexmark S606 is a bit more economical than average. The first page is slow to come out in 15 to 30 seconds to exit the first page: do not lose patience next to the printer. From experience, it is in vain to know that it is not his strong immediate reactivity, one often wonders if one missed the button printing, and one hesitates to relaunch it.This is a point that Lexmark will have to work on for future generations, as other models react in less than 10 seconds.
Download Lexmark S606 Driver Printer