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Download Lexmark S301 Driver Printer

Lexmark S301 Printer Driver. Lexmark inkjet printers launched in 2009 and 2010 are for some equipped with defective print heads. This results in degraded prints, missing colors, shortly after purchasing the printers, despite the presence of full cartridges. Those affected by this problem are invited to contact the manufacturer's service department (01 55 17 41 69 for consumer grades, 0 805 540 275, for SAV Pro). After checking the problem by their teams, a new head, accompanied by new cartridges, will be addressed. The final note of this printer was revised very downwards on 11/08/2011, reading the testimonials of the readers collected on the forum. The Lexmark S301 is a pretty small Wifi printer, without double-sided printing and only monochrome. As on the rest of the range, it also switched to separate cartridges, the XL versions are more economical than average. Note that this printer is Windows / Mac / Linux compatible. If you look at the full range, the 2010 model year includes the S305, S405, S505 and S605. You have understood: from the first price, to the most high-end model (the price varies from single to double), it is strictly the same printer, with a few options. Compared to the Lexmark S301, the S501 wins a color screen and a double-sided mode. On the S605, the color screen grows, it becomes tactile and programmable functions appear, for example, to automatically archive scanned documents (invoices, drawings ), or automatically send a scanned document as an attachment of a email.

Lexmark S301 Driver Download 

The Lexmark S301 is a little different: its screen is monochrome but it integrates a fax. So much for the differences. On the other hand, in terms of print quality, throughput and scanner: everything is the same! Therefore, you will find below a quick version of the test; you can get more details on all these subjects in the test of the S601. Lexmark put the turbo compared to previous generations. 10 pages per minute in color, almost 15 ppm in black, it goes fast, once it is launched. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take too much advantage of this flow, which is only obtained on voluminous impressions. On only one or two pages, the printer appears to be slow on the contrary, due to a rather long output time of the first page. Energy Consumption and Noise It is very discreet during continuous printing (volume volume during a photo output: 47.5 dB), noisier on the text outputs (58 dB). Its energy consumption is very low: 15 Watts in operation (against 25 Watts commonly on rivals inkjet, and 350 to 1200 Watts for laser models). Only flat: in standby, it still consumes 3 Watts. It's low, but why not less than 1 W? Overall Lexmark S301 is very good. The outputs are accurate, the characters are well drawn.

Download Lexmark S301 Driver Printer

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