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Download Lexmark MX710de Driver Printer

Lexmark MX710de Printer Driver. Lexmark has pulled the zip line and withdrawn from the tin ink printer . The American printer manufacturer is now updating its laser printer business with more than 40 new features, thereby underlining the future focus on the business business. While Lexmark's design is based largely on the predecessors, there are small changes in the names, which simplify the recognition of the respective device type. An M in the name stands for monolaser, a C means color laser. The second letter is then either an S for single function or an X for a multifunction device. The basic models of the CS310 series which produce 23 pages per minute in color and B/W are available starting at around 260 euros. With 30ppm per minute, the models of the CS410 series are noticeably brighter and offer a USB port on the front as well as a 2.4 inch display. At least 730 euros cost the models of the CS510 series which are equipped with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and have significantly lower printing costs. You can also choose between three series of color multifunctional devices. The most favorable models have a printing speed of 23 color and B/W pages per minute and belong to the CX310 series (starting at around 520 euros). From the CX410 series, DADF and Fax are standard equipment, as is the touch-screen operation. For the top models of the CX510 series with much more favorable follow-up costs you have at least 1.430 euro shelling. Not only in terms of acquisition costs, there are differences between the various product series. There are also noticeable differences between the cheaper and the more expensive devices. In addition, the costs for the AIOs are somewhat lower than for the single-function printers. The B/W laser printers have a total of 18 models, which are divided into several series. The entry level is called MS310, printed at 33 pages per minute and offers a paper tray for 250 sheets. Prices start at around 210 euros.

Lexmark MX710de Driver Download

Above that, the MS410 series is placed, which runs at 38 pages per minute a bit brighter and is more cost-effective by means of high-volume toner cartridges. With 42 pages per minute, the MS510dn, which costs around 540 euros, is once again faster. The models of the MS610 and MS81x series are available as standard. It comes with a cassette for 550 sheets and an output for 250 sheets (MS610 series) and 550 sheets for the MS81x series. The prices of these series start at around 660 euros and reach up to 1,460 euros for the top model with 7-inch touch screen. Also in the case of the B/W multifunctional devices, Lexmark offers nearly every imaginable variant. The printers are similar to the single-function printers, but Lexmark is incomprehensibly using completely different consumables. The basic model is MX310dn is available for around 440 euros and is equipped with a CIS scanner. All other new features work with a CCD scanner. In the MX410 and MX510 series, the printer manufacturer relies on a touch-free touch-screen operation and provides the devices with a duplex-capable document feeder. The top models of the MX61x and MX71x series are available at around 1,530 euros, offer a larger paper tray for 550 sheets and have a printing speed of up to 66 pages per minute. Moreover, the high cost of toner cartridges means that printing costs are lower than in the smaller sibling models. The devices, which are considerably more expensive in the acquisition, are considerably more favorable with the subsequent costs. In addition, the multifunctional versions print more favorably than the pure printers. The color laser AIOs have to be tolerated until the turn of the year, all other devices are already available. Lexmark offers only one year warranty.

Download Lexmark MX710de Driver Printer

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