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Download OKI MC332dn Driver Printer

OKI MC332dn Printer Driver. With the MC332dn, Oki offers an industrious all-rounder for workgroups, where the monthly print volume is not too high. Because the LED printer knows with equipment as well as an excellent print to shine, but moves in terms of maintenance costs only in the middle. If the pressure is higher, the handle is recommended for a model of the next class of Oki. With the option of printing documents on both sides, as well as feeding documents by means of automatic document feeding (ADF) in batches, the Oki fulfills the basic requirements for office use these two functions are often required in everyday life. But the printer goes even a step further. The originals can also be fed on both sides, that is, the Oki scans and copies independently front and back and a function that can save incredibly much time. An extremely practical instrument is also the multipurpose feeder. It not only increases the paper supply of the cassette by 250 sheets by a further 100 sheets. They can also be used to feed heavier papers weighing up to 220 grams / square meter, as well as unusual media formats, ranging from envelopes to banner printing with a length of around 1.3 meters. By the way, the duplex-capable document feeder also processes heavier paper, up to 176 g / m².

OKI MC332dn Driver Download

The Oki printer is capable of printing up to 22 pages per minute at the Oki in S / W mode, which, as mentioned at the outset, is the LED technology very much related to laser technology. Since the sheets in the color mode are traversed only once, the printing speed remains almost the same. There is nothing wrong with the print quality. The LED technology from Oki is appreciated for its sharp text and color prints, even photos are produced in very good quality. However, the Oki does not reach laboratory quality as an inkjet. With the printer starts the business range of the manufacturer. The device combines many conveniences, which quickly become apparent in the office day, with a fast printing speed as well as a very good print. However, the monthly print volume should not go into the hundreds or even the four-digit range since the printing costs are approximately twice as high as in the next-larger model of Oki, the MC562, which has about 1, 5 cents and runs larger volumes more economically with 620 EUR in the version Oki MC562dnw with WLAN in Amazon, 600 EUR as Oki MC562dn without on Amazon. However, should the monthly output be limited.

Download OKI MC332dn Driver Printer

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