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Download OKI C9850 Driver Printer

OKI C9850 Printer Driver. The print quality of the printer is according to chip.de evaluation on a very high level. I personally find this but only sufficiently good. Usually I have very large color deviations here. And this is not due to the calibration, since this was done. And I also know the RGB and the expression in CMYK are not comparable, but the printer should already print color true, so an approximate value to the screen result comes out. So I'm not very enthusiastic about this device, not that it would be bad, but quality I've seen better devices. The raster, which is reprinted is simply too large, so the pressure on the paper the individual points and I do not find it good. So what should not be seen with the naked eye. In the printing shop was a printer, which has always yellow dots with printed and this one has seen if only with a thread counter! It should be that way. Of the printing costs, however, this device is positively positive, a very positive aspect.

OKI C9850 Driver Download

A monochrome page costs only 1.5 cents and 9.1 cents per color page, which is really good! Thus, this color laser printer is really very economical. However, the pressure output of the start toner is small, because the quantity you get from it is really not the hammer. Just 2.250 pages in color or black and white. With new, the powerful printer creates 6000 colored or 8000 monochrome pages. The replacement of the toner is not complicated, but you have to use force in any case, which should not be the case with a printer or in general plastic. So finally something can break like breaking. Very annoying is the volume, here one should take for an office device more value on it. I would recommend this device to anyone who just wants to print without the print product having to be high quality. On the whole it is ok! OK but is not perfect, everyone should know!

Download OKI C9850 Driver Printer

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