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Download OKI Pro7411WT Driver Printer

OKI Pro7411WT Printer Driver. Two new A4 and A3 printers expand Okis professional printer offer with white toner. The new Oki Pro6410 is a new addition to the third, the neoprene toner neon cyan, neon magenta and neon yellow. The professional graphic printers Oki Pro6410 (Neon print), Oki Pro7411WT (A4 white print) and Oki Pro9420WT (A3 white print) are to score in the industrial print and designer area. All devices can print as well as transparencies or via transfer medium and even T-shirts. The devices use the LED print, which should provide more scratch-proof than the ink printing. Since the new graphics printers are designed, they are now part of the "Pro" series and no longer, as before, of the "ES" series with their whitening devices.external link

OKI Pro7411WT Driver Download

The neo-printer Oki Pro6410 is intended to produce intense colors with its neon-toners. Fluorescent effects should also be possible. This means that colors can shine under black light. The print is not intended to cause problems on bright surfaces, for example a transfer film is needed on dark media. Another special feature of the professional Oki printers is that the Pro6410 can print in black or white and other white printers do not master the black printing. The neon colors are the most effective in combination with white on transfer materials. Black should be used when printing on a light background, such as paper.

Download OKI Pro7411WT Driver Printer

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