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Download Printer Driver HP OfficeJet 5745

HP OfficeJet 5745 Printer Driver. I have searched for a scan and print solution that works well with Linux and this works here with my Ubuntu 15.10 quite wonderful over WLAN. However, it was necessary to manually install the latest HP Linux drivers to use all features. HP makes it one with the open source drivers relatively easy: download, start installation script, finished. Until now, I used the device mainly for scanning, but could not discover anything that does not work with Linux. The only exception: scanning from the device to the computer does not work (ie from the menu of the device, it works as it should from the computer).

HP OfficeJet 5745 Driver Download
In addition, 'simple-scan' does not appear to work properly with the ADF. The document size does not match. 'Gscan2pdf' in the latest version and SANE works as they should. Next I liked: I have a plastic Bomber expected but am on the size is very compact, surprised and processing. Sure, it is not a professional office device, but seems to be neatly built. The touch-screen I would have before the first try to exchanged a few buttons. But it works great and especially very nimble. Brightness and resolution are of course only appropriate, but there is no frustration in the operation.
Download Printer Driver HP OfficeJet 5745

Download Here:
Linux Driver: