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Epson Stylus Photo R340 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus Photo R340
Epson Stylus Photo R340 Printer Driver Download

Epson Stylus Photo R340 Printer Driver Download. I purchased the R340 to print CDs and DVDs handiest. If the disc hundreds effectively, the printer does a powerful job, however as a few other useres have famous, getting it to load is an laborious project. The trick for right loading is this: after you ship the CD/DVD print file to the printer, the feed mechanism will push the tray back out a few quarter of an inch. You ought to swiftly push it back in by way of hand, earlier than the feeder grabs the tray once more, or it's going to misfeed at any time when and generate an error . With a bit observe, you get so that it's going to feed safely might be 1/2 the time. A pal of mine has an R320 and he stories the equal designated difficulty along with his printer. Although we each be aware of what to do, it still misfeeds on the whole. I'm sure Epson engineers would repair the interior program if they wanted to, but without a competition within the CD/DVD printer market, there is no incentive to make it work proper. An additional problem: the printer application allows for disk picture to be "whitened" on the pc display in order that the image can also be aligned with the disc's printable surface boundries. Whiting is there best as a visual support to to the user, but when he forgets to turn the whiting off earlier than printing, the picture shall be printed on the disc so gentle that it's virtually invisible! If this happens to you, simply flip the whiting OFF, push the service tray again in, and print the disk once more. The darker photo will instantly overlay the lighter one, however you have got to be very cautious to not transfer the disc in between. And again, this minor trojan horse could be comfortably constant within the application with the aid of mechanically turning the whiting OFF any time its print command is bought, however Epson comfortably would not care if it really works correct or not. All-in-all, I reluctantly put up with this printer's quirky behavior seeing that when it subsequently DOES work proper, the results are superbly printed DVDs and CDs. There may be an actual opportunity here for a further brand to present a CD/DVD printer that really does the job proper, and steal the market faraway from an unresponsive Epson.

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