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Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1660

Samsung ML-1660 Printer Driver. Here is a laser printer that seems wonderful. Barely more cumbersome than a shoebox, is ''the laser printer the smallest of the world''. It is a bonus, dixit manufacturer silent 49 dB, energy efficient, it is certified Energy Star and quick to get out the pages, "without waiting." Ergonomics In addition to its impressive compactness, a point ergonomics spoke to us: it has a "button print screen ", as shown in the right image. it's so original and functional, I have learned a little video. See, a pressure and a page, monochrome obviously comes with exactly what I had on our monitor. In the same spirit, via software provided this time, you can also print the cobblestones of your choice on the screen, instead of the full page. This is the software AnyWeb Print.

Samsung ML-1660 Driver Download
You select the desired areas, you drop them in the order of your choice in the tool, and it's gone. It's simple, practical, intelligent and mine nothing and saves toner and paper! Stronger still, you can even go to print this information, recording in various formats, including PDF. A printer that avoids us to print: not bad. These are good ideas win a point ergonomics for small ML-1660, if not quite bare. For the sake of compactness and economy, it is USB and that's it. There is no Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it is not duplex or color. It only has 8 MB ​​of memory send light above document, it will take longer if not and it supports neither PCL nor the PS3 necessary for some companies. It is obviously single-function, no scanner or copier, or fax. Rate it promises 16 ppm and takes them. It's nice to find such a low price rate. Especially since, as shown in the right column, this micro printer is as fast out its first page.

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1660