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Download OKI ES9541 Driver Printer

OKI ES9541 Printer Driver. The Oki ES9431 is a four-color LED printing system for formats up to A3 +. It is compliant with PCL5c, PCL6 and Adobe Postscript 3, provides duplex and network connectivity, and can optionally be upgraded with an EFI Fiery XF 5.0 server. The color transmission by transfer belt is to guarantee a particularly high print quality and color stability. The print speed on A4 is 50 pages, and the A3 format is processed by the ES9431 at 28 pages per minute. Via the paper cassette, it takes up to 320 grams per square meter of media, while the single sheet feed reaches a limit of 360 grams. According to Oki, the audio cassettes should be sufficient for up to 38,000 pages. Oki is particularly proud of the ES9541.

OKI ES9541 Driver Download

It offers the same technical data as the ES9431, but works with five color cassettes: CMYK adds a white or clear print. By means of the OKI ES9541 driver, it is possible with the device, for example, to provide the entire sheet or even individual areas marked in the graphical application with a glossy surface. Officially, Oki has not announced any prizes for the two systems. Unofficially it was to learn that the ES9431 is expected to cost about 4,000 euros, the ES9541 is to come to a proud 14,000 euros. The page price is supposed to be around 5 to 7 cents, with the ES9541 adding 4.6 cents for the white or dark.

Download OKI ES9541 Driver Printer

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