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Download OKI C9655 Driver Printer

OKI C9655 Printer Driver. I got a new Oki C9655 A3 shade printer in December 2012. Since first used, it has revealed a graduated crimson tint for 30mm from both the short edges on A4 and from the long edges on A3. This pink tint is seen on all coloration pix and documents sent to the printer from OSX. Black text is first-class. The Oki have changed all of the common sense boards, PSUs, drums and toners several times, however the hassle persists. The OKI C9655 difficulty is with composite grey. Print a test sheet of mid grey on Mac OSX and it's miles sent to the printer as a composite (using a mix of colours, now not black), and the crimson bands appear. OKI C9655 print the identical check sheet of mid grey on a Windows 7 PC, and pick out print using composite grey, and the pink bands appear, too. However, print the use of the default Windows print putting, and it's miles revealed using black toner only, so no red bands. This isn't always feasible to do under OSX.

OKI C9655 Driver Download

I have spoken to diverse engineers who've informed me that the C9655’s in Oki UK’s head office do the same, and so do the C9655s in Oki Japan’s head office. The Oki UK has now stopped responding in this difficulty and I now need to start court cases beneath the UKs 'match for cause' law. A printer that cannot print grey ought to be an open and shut case! It would be of super assistance if each person with a C9655 may want to ship a 50% grey A4 check to their printer and spot in the event that they, too, have the pink bands. As they're graduated, they can be faint but will stand out if the paper is cut in half and the fast outside edge is positioned subsequent to the mid phase of the printed page.

Download OKI C9655 Driver Printer

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