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Download OneDrive, Data Back Up and Synchronize Your Files

OneDrive Download, Data Back Up and Synchronize Your Files. OneDrive is a program used to manage free storage offered by Microsoft, used to climb all type of files and have them anytime from any device, be it a PC, a Mac, a phone or a tablet allowing synchronize content between them. The use of this tool is very simple because during installation folder (Windows or Mac) that becomes an image of what will be in the cloud, it creates ie everything that moves to that folder is going to get on a server OneDrive, and any action that is performed locally on the PC (either add, modify or delete files) is going to be reflected in the space assigned to the user, and in turn be able synchronize and update other devices.

This service can be very useful when you want to automatically back up any files, whether photos, videos or personal documents; or when you want to synchronize material leisure or work between multiple themselves or others devices that you want to share content. Sets specific to share entire folders, eg albums or a folder with music, being able to keep the rest as private.

Download OneDrive, Data Back Up and Synchronize Your Files

Like other popular services like DropBox, Google Drive, Norton Zone and others whose management applications already submitted, which Microsoft offered through OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is also free and allows an initial space 7GB (expandable) for saving files. This manager has some very interesting features such as the ability to directly publish photos or albums on Facebook; also compatible with Office, so each update a Word document or an Excel template will be able to upgrade, back up and synchronize. For mobile platforms to automatically send photos or videos to space OneDrive from the backup camera device.

No doubt this is an excellent choice for backup and synchronize files which has greatly improved over SkyDrive, noting an improvement in transfer speed and load in a more friendly interface in the possibility of organizing more optimally photos and other content, and also you can get more space. Microsoft OneDrive 17.3 is the latest version of this software (updated August 2014) that includes support for Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) and Mac OS X desktops, and Windows Phone, iOS (iPad, iPhone ) and to install Android on mobile phones or tablets with any of these operating systems. Maybe you can miss the lack of a version for Windows XP, but in that case you can choose to DropBox.