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Download Mobogenie Android Apps Installer

Mobogenie Android Installer Download. Mobogenie is a program that works as an alternative to software brands of mobile devices with Android system offer users to connect to the computer, in order to manage, explore, sync, install Android applications, read and reply to SMS, and multitask more. Mobogenie must be installed on a Windows PC or laptop with one hand and the other on the phone or Android tablet. First you must download and install the file to Windows, then run the application and must connect both devices using a USB cable. To complete the installation you must click "Install .apk", then "Add File" and select the file Mobogenie.Apk. Once installed both applications will be able to transfer and synchronize multimedia content (music, videos, etc.) and data (contacts, calendar, SMS, etc.).

To establish the connection is not necessary to have root access, but you must enable USB debugging mode. On phones with Android 4.0 before you must go to Settings> Applications> Development and you must select "USB Debugging"; while in later versions of OS to 4.0 you must go to Settings> Developer options. This manager for Android is capable of supporting content and create backups of both contacts and text messages and installed applications. Backups are saved on the hard disk or some other storage device and will be able to use at any time to restore, either on the same phone or elsewhere.

Mobogenie is known for offering a wide variety of content, including apps, games, ringtones and backgrounds to download and install; having a wide categorized catalog that is easy to navigate, and where you can find the most popular and best programs and games considered by users. To install Android applications from the PC must be entered "Install .apk" and select one of the files that have been previously searched and downloaded. Another feature that can be useful to free memory space is to move an application from internal memory to SD card. The official site is available complete information and help that includes video tutorials that explain how to apply the functions we have detailed.

Download Mobogenie Android Apps Installer

In this site have presented some other managers for Android, for example, MyPhoneExplorer, Moborobo, MOBILedit! and others, in addition to official customers of each brand (Samsung Kies, HTC Sync, LG PC Suite, Sony PC Companion, etc.). While generally are similar, some offer features that can make the difference when choosing what system to use. For example, users who use Samsung Kies may choose Moborobo or Mobogenie to support and install applications (although they should continue using Kies when you have to update the firmware). Moborobo stands for allowing a connection via WiFi without wiring between the phone and the PC, like MyPhoneExplorer. Users of Samsung Kies having trouble synchronizing with Outlook (contacts, calendar and notes) can try to do it with MyPhoneExplorer. Mobogenie 3.3.5 is the latest (updated February 2015) Windows version (8, 7, Vista, XP).