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Download Macrium Reflect, Data Backup and Disk Cloning

Macrium Reflect, Data Backup and Disk Cloning Download. Macrium Reflect Free is a program that allows backup files, partitions or entire disks of the computer, with the ability to create images that will then serve to restore both the operating system and installed programs and drivers without having to reinstall everything again when the disc is broken or formatted for some reason. This tool allows you to create images and copy them to another drive, either another hard drive, an external drive, a DVD, in the cloud (Google Drive or similar) and so on; and allows you to clone entire disks in another storage unit; also creates a rescue CD (or USB flash drive) that will serve to start the operating system in emergencies, whether based on Windows PE or Linux, it also will be necessary to proceed with the restoration.

It has some features that can be very useful, for example, the possibility of creating the image of a partition and restore it to a different partition; can choose from 3 levels of data compression that will be back, with the ability to access these archives from Windows Explorer; the ability to schedule regular backups (full or incremental), and some more features make Macrium Reflect a good alternative to programs such as Norton Ghost.

Download Macrium Reflect, Data Backup and Disk Cloning

If you want to clone an entire disk should be aware that you must choose another disk of equal or greater storage capacity; if you choose to create an image, it will depend on the size resulting from compress all files. The image can be accurate or can select the smart copy, where system files that are unnecessary are discarded. An element to consider when you want to restore a system on another computer or notebook different, is that it will be necessary to update the drivers to work correctly corresponding hardware devices.

We recommend reading the help of the program, available at the official site to learn how to create backups, cloning disks, data restore, and other functions presented this application. Both the help and the program interface are in English. Macrium Reflect Free 5.3.7110 is the latest, updated in September 2014, this backup software in its free edition version, but has other issues to pay more amount of functionality. Works with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) both in system 32 or 64 bits.