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Download iSpy, A Software For Monitoring

iSpy, A Software For Monitoring DownloadiSpy is a program that lets you record the activity and movements in a specific area you want to monitor or spy. Optionally provides remote monitoring services live from a cell phone or from another PC, you can access from anywhere. Surveillance iSpy. To use this software you must have a camera, either built into a laptop or connected to a PC, supporting (USB) web cameras and IP cameras. Connecting a microphone can capture audio (with images or audio only). Unlike other monitoring softwares we have already presented, such as Vitamin D, iSpy allows you to connect multiple cameras, which expands the number of zones that can be controlled within the home or business you want to monitor.

iSpy can be configured to record video images and / or sounds to be recorded at all times or only when motion or noise occurs. The videos can be stored locally on the computer or sent to a remote server or uploaded to YouTube. Besides having recording of facts, iSpy user can access via a browser from a remote location, for example, from the office can monitor what happens in your home; or you can access from your mobile phone with Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone 7. System This service requires a monthly subscription.

When an abnormal event occurs during the surveillance period, the application not only records what happens, but is also able to alert the owner via SMS, MMS, email or via Twitter; therefore it can be very effective in giving notice to the unexpected. This service is also among the extra benefits provided by the fact subscribe for a low monthly fee. This program can be used for other purposes in addition to monitoring, surveillance and spying; For example, you can include live within a web page, which can serve to spread an overview of a particular resort or for sightings of birds or other animals. It can also be useful when there are children or pets alone at home, to see if all goes well and be calm in the distance.

Download iSpy, A Software For Monitoring

Download iSpy, A Software For Monitoring. On the official site support is available (in English) that explains how to install and configure the application, how to send screenshots via FTP, syncing with Google Drive, adding plugins, etcetera. iSpy is the latest (updated December 2014) is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) in Spanish and free to use the recording function and other basic tools version.