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Download XnView 2.30

XnView 2.30 Download. XnView to view slides. XnView is a program to visualize and convert images. Supports most popular formats such as GIF, JPEG and JPEG-XR, png, bmp, tiff, targa, mpeg, AVI, Quicktime and hundreds more. The display has a very intuitive, easy and fast browser to handle, being similar to other popular programs such as ACDSee, and with similar functionality but free.

Among the features of XnView are:
Converting files to any other format, supporting batch to apply to multiple photos processes.
The ability to edit photos, for example, to remove red eye, to resize or rotate photos, etcetera.
The ability to generate image galleries that can be included in HTML pages.
Presentations (slide shows) with effects, with the ability to adjust the transition time between each photo.
Includes a screen capture tool.
Apply special effects and filters to your photos.
Creating web pages that include photo galleries.
Detects duplicate in separate folders in the hard disk or floppy disks images.
TWAIN support for importing images from scanners (Windows only).
These features, and more, fail to form a complete product of its kind, and noted for its speed as it does not consume excessive resources.

Download XnView 2.30

XnView 2.30 is the latest (updated February 2015) version of this software can be downloaded for free. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (for the latter two platforms are available XnViewMP). It is translated into several languages, including Spanish.