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Download WarRock Free FPS Game

WarRock Free FPS Game Download. WarRock is a war game with high quality graphics and effects, allowing you to play online choosing a character, vehicles, weapons and other items to participate in combat. Those familiar with the "Battlefield" in WarRock find many similarities, but added, and the ability to play for free.

The game has 3 modes: "Combat", "Urban Operations" (Deathmatch), FFA (all against all) and finally "Battle Group" which is the most entertaining, choosing airplanes and helicopters and a role which can be sniper, a member of the troop or heavy, engineer or doctor infantry, and group follow a strategy as it supports 30 players simultaneously.

Download WarRock Free FPS Game

There are various maps with different scenarios, which may be small in some game modes (for 6-16 people) or large maps used in group battles. WarRock 20140820 is the latest (updated October 2014) version of the client for Windows that you can download free. You need to register on the official site.