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Download Stellarium Free

Stellarium Download. Planetarium Stellarium Education and Science. Stellarium is a program that simulates a planetarium and see the stars, constellations, planets, satellites and other components of the solar system; dimensional shape, with great detail and accuracy, as if he were looking through a telescope. This application is useful for those studying or interested in astronomy who may display more than 600,000 heavenly bodies present in the application, and see views of the sky that can not be seen because they were visible only from the opposite hemisphere.

With this application you can also simulate and observe astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, movements of the planets and meteor showers, among others. It features zoom to zoom in and out of the selected location. Another interesting aspect of Stellarium is that you can indicate the position of the planet from where you want to watch the sky, as is simulating what could be seen from there.

Download Stellarium Free

Stellarium Free Download. The project site is available in a wiki, which is available documentation and access different elements that can be added, such as: plugins and extras landscapes. Stellarium 0.13.2 is the latest (updated January 2015) version of this software can be downloaded for free. Works for Windows, Mac and Linux; and is available in many langs.