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Download Skype Recorder

Skype Recorder DownloadMSN Webcam Recorder. Skype Recorder (formerly MSN Webcam Recorder) is a program that lets you record webcam video conferencing sessions that take place via Instant Messenger programs such as Skype, but also the old MSN, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger.

Also capture streaming, videos, or what happens on the desktop, so it may be useful to record tutorials or demonstrations of software. This application allows you to capture the entire screen, a window or a region bounded by the user via the mouse cursor. It has the usual controls recording, pause and stop. The obtained video can be recorded in WMV format, no options exist for other types of formats. You can define the degree of compression of video, according to the better or worse quality you want to have.

Download Skype Recorder

Skype Webcam Recorder 14 is the version of this software. This is a trial version that can be evaluated for a period of 30 days, then have the opportunity to acquire a license.