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Download QuickTime, Multimedia Player

QuickTime Download, Multimedia Player. 7.7.6 to replicate QuickTime MOV. Quicktime began as a DVD videos to Apple MOV format, but in recent editions has become a multi-format multimedia player. From version 7 has significantly improved the quality of picture and sound, becoming compatible with some of the most popular audio formats and video, as WAV, MP4 (AAC only), AIFF, CAF and AAC / ADTS, among others.

This program uses H.264 compression technology and this new standard codec used by several HD formats (HD) due to high quality and less space required to compress videos. The application installs a plugin that lets you view videos compatible with Quicktime in web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), with the advantage that the program analyzes the speed of the connection, and depending on the bandwidth available select the best possible quality.

Download QuickTime, Multimedia Player

It has a very simple interface, with controls that are easy to use and includes advanced features such as the ability to increase the playback speed by up to 3 times, allowing rapid progress of a movie.

QuickTime 7.7.6 (Standalone Player) is the latest (updated December 2014) version of this software can be downloaded free, available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows8. Improves some aspects related to security and fixes some bugs. There is, no free version, called QuickTime Pro, which adds tools for conversion and editing, plus several features not available in this version.