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Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart C4788

HP Photosmart C4788 Printer Driver. I bought this HP Photosmart C4788 all-rounder as a replacement for my 10-year-old Lexmark of the "Z-series" since the time was ripe for something new. I am in all respects very satisfied with the HP Photosmart. The installation and thus also connected to the WLAN network was child-friendly and went without problems. The print image is beyond my doubt, as seen from my subjective point of view. Even a printed test photo left nothing to be desired. I can not say anything about ink consumption after about a month of use.

HP Photosmart C4788 Driver Download
Two to three printed pages per week are not as meaningful, especially since I read that the ink display of the HP software would not be so reliable. So I will largely ignore them and wait for the print image to deteriorate. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the Photosmart can also be used without the computer switched on. All in all, I can definitely recommend this HP Photosmart C4788 unit! For the sake of completeness, it would have to be mentioned, that the purchase processing via Amazon, as always always, went smoothly and quickly. Also for this 5 stars!
Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart C4788