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Download Line Desktop Version

Line Desktop Version Instant Messaging DownloadLine is a new messaging application that can be used both on the desktop (Windows or Mac) and mobile devices (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Phone); with the ability to communicate via text (messages or chat) and via voice (supports calls and recorded messages), either from the PC or from your phone. This client is similar to other chat programs, such as the case of the classic MSN, but that goes rising popularity makes more and more users use this service, which means that they can locate more people and friends available for mensajearse, call, chat or send photos.

The message services offered by Line can be compared with the WhatsApp application, but Line has the advantage of being able to send messages from your PC, besides doing it from the phone or from the tablet, added to which messages are free for all supported platforms. This application allows you to create chat rooms for up to 100 participants online. It offers instant translation tools, for example, to translate into English a message sent in Spanish.

Download Line Desktop Version

Both messages and chat conversations may include some striking animated icons known as stickers, which are like the classic emoticons of MSN, but probably more addictive, due to the wide availability of new and colorful themes and designs (many of manga style). It also has a list of games available to download and play online with the contacts.

Line, sú latest version is still under development and changes, which is expected to go further enhancing its tools and new features are added, such as for video calls; but surely imposing go, slowly, as one of the best messaging clients and market communication. Line already translated into Spanish. In the event that the user already has an account of Line associated with your phone, you can use the desktop version (PC or MAC) is necessary first register from your phone by entering an email that will serve to enable your PC application.