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Download LightShot Screenshot

LightShot Screenshot Software DownloadLightShot is a program to make screenshots, which has the advantage of allowing you to edit the images obtained and it can be uploaded to the Internet.

LightShot DownloadThe operation of this tool is very simple, because when wanting to take a screenshot should simply press the "Print Screen" (Print Screen or PrntScr). This key is the same that is used to capture a normal screen but after installing LightShot, is this program that happens to have control of that procedure.

The main advantage of opting for this alternative is that you can select an area of ​​the screen, for example a picture from a text message chat, etc. (After pressing the button mentioned a cursor that can be moved to draw an area appears). It also presents the option to edit the picture obtained, either to reduce or enlarge their size, or to apply simple adjustments; but if it does not reach also offers the possibility to open the image in an online editor with more features and advanced editing tools (with a similar Photoshop interface) that allows, among other things, add text to images or underline part of a text. The resulting image can be saved to the PC (.jpg, .png or .bmp), you can copy (Ctrl + C) for editing with other software or to paste it into a text editor, can be printed, or can be sent by post to Twitter or Facebook or other social networks; therefore with just a few clicks and you can send to friends a catch that may be of interest. You can also store all screenshots in a storage space within a server provided by the owners of this application, leaving all those files available to download at any time.

Download LightShot Screenshot

Thanks to its simplicity, its friendly, intuitive interface and mentioned functions, it can be a good tool when trying to register a part of what you see on the computer screen. Another interesting feature that presents LightShot is its image search engine. You can select an image and get similar pictures that are published on a website, using the Google service. LightShot is the latest version available for Windows and Mac OS X in its issue for screencasts, but extensions for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera are also in case you want to use only within the browser. You can download and use for free.