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Download iFunBox, Mobile Phones Manager

iFunBox, Mobile Phones Manager Download. iFunBox is a program that lets you explore and manage an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from PC (with Windows), and to transfer music, pictures, videos and any file between them (via USB cable or via Wi-Fi) . It may be useful also to support files stored on the device to install themes, add wallpapers, and more. It does not require Jailbreak the device.

iFunBox for iPhone. Using iFunBox is possible to install applications on the iPhone or iPad securely with .ipa packages. This tool uses a technology called AppFastIn, which speeds up the installation process, achieving faster than iTunes or other installers. It also allows support (as .ipa) and uninstall applications. The application has browser similar to Windows, where you can copy, move or delete files. It also features a file browser that supports many types of filters in their searches, either in whole or in specific folders memory.

Download iFunBox, Mobile Phones Manager

This i-FunBox 2.94 (beta) is the latest, updated in February 2015 version, which is in Spanish, and available for free download. It works under Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8) and under MAC OS X; and in the case of the iPhone to iOS supports version 7.0 of its operating system, and has been optimized for newer models (eg iPhone 5s).

In this version a console that serves as SSH terminal, to enable transferring files using a secure protocol is added. It also adds support for connection via WiFi, and a tool for importing and exporting ringtones. With respect to its latest stable version (2014) to halve the size of executable file (9 MB), and includes more features.