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Download HiSuite Huawei Phones Connect to PC

Huawei Phones Connect to PC With HiSuite Download. HiSuite is a program that connects phones Huawei brand with the PC, to perform a set of tasks management, optimization, customization and support of Android device. The connection can be established without a USB cable, via Wi-Fi, with the option to encrypt data transferred when you require greater security. HiSuite Manager can also be used to manage the entire collection of media files stored on the SD card. In the case of music, you can create, add or modify any playlist of songs. For photos, you can transfer or opened from the PC, either to edit or to add as wallpaper.

The music manager lets you transfer and sync songs with the PC, either through this manager or iTunes (as it is compatible with the Apple software and allows you to import your lists); or you can simply open and listen to your PC music stored on the device. Once connected to the PC, you can see, adapted to computer monitor, the display device to display any content on larger, more comfortably navigate easily send text messages (SMS) to one or multiple simultaneous contacts, use WhatsApp and other programs. It has other uses, for example, to capture phone screen Huawei, and other functions that the user may find it more comfortable to drive from your laptop or PC. Given an update of Android, HiSuite notifies the user and allows you to install the latest version of the operating system, which is usually desirable because security improvements, optimizations and new features that are integrated from time to time.

By this official manager can install apk apps on your phone or update all applications to their latest versions in one go. You can also select any application to uninstall and completely remove it from memory. It features a file browser to search, delete, copy and paste content stored on the memory card. Another interesting utility available to users of this brand mobile is supported by content; whether it's photos, videos, documents, text messages, contacts, calendars and other items that can save and recover when necessary, due to a change or lose your phone or because they had to do a reset to its original state after any failure or malfunction of Android.

Download HiSuite Huawei Phones Connect to PC

When purchasing a new phone, and switch brands (in this case to buy a Huawei), it can be uncomfortable to the user or not knowing how to import contacts from your old phone from other brand. This facilitates the task manager because with a simple guided steps is able to import address book from Nokia, iPhone and other brands, as well as incorporating the Gmail contact list and synchronize with Outlook and other email clients and calendar. HiSuite 2.3.35 is the latest version of the software that can be installed on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) both 32 and 64 bits. It is in Spanish and is free. Supports most models of this brand, including: U8500, U8510, U8800, U9510, C8810 and G700.