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Download GoPro Hero Camera Studio Editor

GoPro Hero Camera Studio Editor Download. GoPro Studio is a program that allows you to open and edit digital videos recorded in HD GoPro cameras. These cameras allow to obtain films with high definition picture (up to 4k). In addition they are small, lightweight, water resistant, and ideal for use with inhospitable climates, by reducing wind noise that achieve and other features. The product line Hero4, Hero3 + and previous editions are compatible with this editor. The application allows you to play and edit videos, as well as photo sequences, built GoPro known as "Time Lapse" capable of capturing up to 30 frames of 12 MP per second, with the possibility of varying the time between each frame according to the interval the user selects.

The editor includes several templates to apply to videos and photo sequences, which are able to improve the quality of the contents, add background music, apply slow motion (slow-motion), increase playback speed (fast-motion) and apply other effects. You can generate professional clips and can switch segments in slow motion with accelerated segments, and apply effects and audio. The user has a very intuitive interface with various options to experiment and keep improving their work.

It has several functions that can be very useful: use of labels (tags) to organize the collection and facilitate the search for content, allows you to convert a sequence of photos in an animation or film, with the ability to add audio or apply mute (silence ), and add text or subtitles.

Download GoPro Hero Camera Studio Editor

The editor Hero camera also features advanced tools, either to join several multimedia contents, or cut parts and get a new content; mixing contents (for example, a recording superimposed images) to obtain a frame without losing quality, to remove fisheye effect, etcetera. Supports .mov4 format movies recorded with GoPro, Nikon or Canon cameras; and allows export to other formats (MP4 and AVI, among others). It works as a manager, as it serves to update the device software whenever a new update occurs. The camera to the PC or laptop is connected and updated, synchronized content or powerful editor is used. No doubt this is an essential tool for users of these digital camcorders.

GoPro Studio 2.5 is the latest version. Works with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1; and Mac OS 10.8 or later. It is available in Spanish and can be downloaded grauitiamente. Requires the latest edition of Quicktime (7.6 or later), a team with at least 2 GB of RAM (recommended 4G) and a compatible video card with this type of content (at least 1GB dedicated).