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Download GOM Player, A Video Player

 GOM Player Download

Video Player Software. GOM Player is a free audio and video. It supports various formats such as: AVI, WMV, DivX, MPEG, XviD, ASF and DAT, MP4, VOB, 3GP, OGG, DMB, RM, and GMOs among others. Already includes a package of codecs, which are necessary to play most formats, but not finding one in particular is responsible for searching the Internet the most appropriate.

Noteworthy is the possibility for playing AVI videos that are damaged or were not completely downloaded. It is very common that a video is lowered, the download was interrupted after falling nearly full, and can not reproduce; with Gom can see properly. It also serves to watch a video during the download process, which is useful for checking quality or if it really is the correct video. In this version a tool to capture any frame of a film, with the possibility to save it as an image, defining your output format and quality of the image is added; and even allows a sequence of shots every so often to define, which creates a synopsis or promotion.

Download GOM Player, A Video Player

GOM Player supports SMI subtitles, RT, SRT and SUB and to edit them with the ability to configure some parameters such as: size, font, margins, and so on. It has a subtitle search service, which connects to a complete database, and downloads them so they can be added to the corresponding movie. You can select any of the available skins to change the look of the player, or customize creating a new skin. Among other features it presents, you can highlight the inclusion of a new property called "Quick Play Mode" which accelerates the DXVA, allowing a better quality of videos. It also supports M3U (Winamp), PLS and ASX.

GOM Player is the latest (Updated 2016.02.04) version of this player is highly recommended, considering all the features already described, and which is also free. Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.