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Download Free Adobe Reader 11

Free Adobe Reader 11 Download. Adobe Reader (Acrobat) is a program that can read PDF documents, online (through any browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome), as well as offline, ie any PDF file saved on the PC or in a memory or external disk. Adobe Reader features a redesigned interface, new tools, and new options that make it even more efficient and user friendly. The ability to play Flash and Quicktime files, providing documents audio and video are also added.

The most important innovation of the new version XI is the improvement that has been given to the security of the application, through the protected mode that prevents attacks and malicious code to these provisions through PDF documents. To accomplish this, the application runs in a kind of sandbox, being isolated in a protected memory environment. This new version also adds new features such as the ability to view documents in full screen or in read mode to hide menus, toolbars and panels; with the aim of expanding the display area. Also improves support some browsers, facilitates the use of shared documents, can fill out forms, and add other new options.

Download Free Adobe Reader 11. This version improves the commenting tool created in the previous edition, being possible to add notes within documents as if they were classic adhesives that stick to the leaves to highlight or comment on something that is emphasized; you can also add lines to highlight text, type text and allows for PDF documents. Another new feature is the ability to send PDF documents to sign electronically, connecting with the service provided by Adobe EchoSign. No need to print before signing the document.

Download Free Adobe Reader 11

The application feels lighter compared to previous, more stable and safer versions. While resource consumption is still higher than other readers, the fact improve the appearance and enhance security thanks to protected mode, users can make longer rely on this item and select it as the default PDF reader. Adobe Reader 11 (or XI) (11.0.10) is the latest version in Spanish, updated in November 2014, available for Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. You can download free.