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Download FotoSketcher Free

FotoSketcher Free Download Graphics Editors. FotoSketcher is a photo editor that lets you add various effects as they turn photos into drawings or paintings with a very real look, as if they had been created by an artist. Supports various styles of painting, such as oil; and drawing various styles, such as pencil or pen (ink), among others. It features editing tools, which allow you to alter the colors or brightness, apply grayscale and apply several more features.

The process is fast and easy: First you must upload the image, which happens to be repeated (the original left and right which will be changing as the effects and subsequent amendments apply). You must then choose the desired effect (Drawing in pencil, oil pastel drawing, ink pen drawing, etc.) and automatically be passed preliminary changes, but can be changing some parameters and play with them until he the final photo. Finally we can make some extra options, either to soften the edges to add a frame to add text, and so on.

Download FotoSketcher Free

After finishing the editing, the user must select one of the output formats and then save the file to disk. The result of the issues is quite acceptable, allowing achieve funny pictures. It can be used to build cards that can be sent to friends.

You can view a gallery on the official site to see the remarkable results that can be obtained by applying effects to photos. This version adds a new effect called Painting 7 and another known as Painting 8. It also happens to support PNG, although the result can not be saved in that format, but in JPG or BMP.

FotoSketcher 2.99 is the latest version, launched in October 2014, this graphic editor that can be downloaded for free in Spanish. This version is portable, therefore requires no installation and can be carried in a USB memory. It supports all versions of Windows (including Windows 8 and 8.1).