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Download Enigma, Puzzle Game

Enigma, Puzzle Game DownloadEnigma is a game that helps exercise your memory and wit to reach the solution of the more than 500 different scenarios, with up to 1000 levels (landscapes).

Enigma puzzle It is not a simple puzzle (puzzle) in which there is only form a certain figure, it is a logic game, great fun, which requires reasoning. It is inspired by Oxyd on the Atari, which involves pushing a ball to whet the blocks that form the walls of a maze. If two blocks of the same color are activated, they remain open, and you get to pass the level when you manage to unlock all doors.

Download Enigma, Puzzle Game

When you advance in the game levels are presented with a greater degree of difficulty, which puzzles (riddles), solve puzzles and obstacles are added. It is played with the mouse, so agility and speed required in handling. Enigma 1.21 is the latest version of this puzzle game that can be downloaded free for Windows (including Windows 7), Linux and Mac. It offers translation into many languages.