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Download Scanner Driver HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1

HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 Scanner Driver. On the HP support site I looked in vain to make contact with someone on the phone at HP did not work and the perpetual search in various forums helped unfortunately not further. Finally, I uninstalled the Samsung printer / scanner and lo and behold, the HP was now to select and it worked well after the Samsung printer scanner was reinstalled. Unfortunately, HP support was not helpful, you had to solve your problem yourself by trying. The HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 installation on our second device, which is a notebook with Windows 10, ran without problems, CD pure and the installation ran automatically.

HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 Driver Download
Again, I find the speed of the scanner very good. The OCR detection worked as well, but the software was not Readris like the MAC, but directly from HP. The HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 scanner itself is super fast, compared to my old HP Office Jet. The quality of the scans are very good. I only use the Readiris software. The text recognition is, with scanned letters, very good and the further processing in Word has worked very well. After the installation with Mac OS X is the result nevertheless very conciliatory. I now use the scanner mainly for scanning and archiving documents. The quality is very good for me and I like working with this product.

Download Scanner Driver HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1

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