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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP499

Canon Pixma MP499 Printer Driver. First, the Canon Pixma MP499 printer is extremely noisy. When you press the power button, the user suddenly starts to work that it is no longer nice. A crash as if the printer wants to take off. Not only the one I enter in the starting position, but no one rumbles something that goes to the 5 minutes. After that it is only possible to print. The printer results are very good, however, if you want to print Word or PDF documents. The texts or small graphical representations no problem. The big drawback is the printer but with photos. Even if you take extra good and heavy photo paper, the colors look pale.

Canon Pixma MP499 Driver Download
If an increase in the color saturation of the images via graphics software is made before, a pale color print is still produced. No idea what that is. What a pity. With the card reader and direct printing, I find a perfect solution. Only the quality should be right. I have kept the Canon Pixma MP499 printer anyway, since it should only print documents. I would rather leave photos in a photo studio. After several weeks of use I would like to throw the printer only in the garbage. I have never experienced a printer that is so much before and after the actual printing. The thing works and works and works. Makes a noise that you hear it through half the flat. The Canon Pixma MP499 printer comes to me again and I buy now immediately a clever printer.
Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP499

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