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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP530

Canon Pixma MP530 Printer Driver. The Canon Pixma MP530 printer functionality very good, both under Windows as under Mac OS X. Very good photo prints, especially if you use the included simple, but functional program EasyPhotoPrint. You can create different print profiles for document printing. In "fast" mode, the device prints at breathtaking speed, really up to 20 pages per minute for presentation films. Disadvantage: very expensive ink. You can use cheap ink, but then the ink level control no longer works and you risk the damage to the print heads. Very annoying (costs two stars): although the device has a separate ink tank for black and white prints, it refuses to produce black and white prints when one of the ink tanks is empty. If you want to use the printer for business purposes, you must always have a complete ink set in reserve.

Canon Pixma MP530 Driver Download
I am already quite a while looking for a multifunction printer, but unfortunately mediamarkt and co. My expectations do not meet. Then I recently blown a bit NEN bit and came across this baby! It has everything, scanner, copier, seperat usable fax and what was important to me, he can print CD / DVD! The connection to the PC ran smoothly, everything was recognized and worked the same. I had connected the fax to my analog dsl connection, but synonymous now works! Small bad is the manual, there is not really much in it, but there is then the online manual. So the price guidance I can only say very very good!

Canon will not issue driver to support the Windows 10 OS. The Windows 8.x drivers should function in the Windows 10 with some limitations which are currently unknown to Canon. There is no driver for the Linux OS or latest Mac OS X Version. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.
Canon Pixma MP530 Printer Driver Download

Download Here:
Mac OS Driver: