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Download Printer Driver HP Envy 4528

HP Envy 4528 Printer Driver. The HP Envy 4528 printer looks solid and has been installed quickly. The printer results are also good. But the happiness with the new printer did not long about 6 weeks. Problem: The HP Envy 4528 printer will permanently display a paper jam, although there is definitely no paper jam. If it is then between times to get that he does what he should, namely, print, then he does it only for max. 6 pages, because then the device draws no more paper and gives the error message again that the paper cassette is empty. We have all HP designated steps to correct the error, conscientiously carried out without success. Once the problem is known, I have read of similar problems in other recessions.

HP Envy 4528 Driver Download
Therefore, this HP Envy 4528 does not seem to be an individual case. Normally, I basically refrain from giving only one star when something is broken, because it can happen that a dudge is intervening. Here, HP should the problem, however, be known. If the customer service is good, I'll also adapt the still, but now the thing goes for a back! Since September 2016, HP has not allowed any foreign manufacturers as ink cartridge suppliers. You are forced to purchase the original HP original cartridges from HP because the printers are otherwise deactivated via Internet. A giant, especially because HP has done this secretly and is hidden behind error messages like "at least one cartridge is defective". One should boycott this company.
Download Printer Driver HP Envy 4528