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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG6440

Canon Pixma MG6440 Printer Driver. After half a year use now my assessment. I am absolutely satisfied with the package of Canon Pixma MG6440 equipment, workmanship and quality at the price. I have the printer only integrated via WLAN into the home network and he prints of everything or scant on everything I have tested on devices, smoothly, Windows, 7/8/10, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, everything is very well supported. The Canon Pixma MG6440 print quality is for me also absolutely satisfactory, for me, there are only small Mackel in the handling, on the one hand the model does not open automatically as older predecessors model, besides, the printed sheets fall down, if not the sheet holders are pulled out or folded out. Otherwise, I am absolutely satisfied with the device and hope that it is still so reliably its services done.

Canon Pixma MG6440 Driver Download
The Canon Pixma MG6440 printer is very simply led by the program since a really each step what to do is on the device before indicated is. Until now, there is no objection. Clean pressure. Quick warm-up. For the price completely satisfied. I have the Canon Pixma MG6440 printer in a record time of 1.5 days after order received, which is even for Amazon. Unpacked, connected and installed according to the instructions on the printer and the illustrative brief description. The installation over the computer was also easy, but I have not activated the WLAN function, because I am not necessarily required. Scan documents are stored as PDF files on the computer, photos as JPEG, both very good. More, I can not say yet, it will show how the Canon Pixma MG6440 works permanently.

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG6440

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