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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG2240

Canon Pixma MG2240 Printer Driver. Previously I had a Canon Pixma MP450 however the years had come and where by wrong transport color from the black cartridge had expired. As a replacement I ordered the new Canon Pixma MG2240 printer which after a short wait was also delivered by Amazon. The connection ran completely smoothly and fast, it installed itself, no comparison with the old, after 1 minute in the ready for printing. Even in my various photo program, where I had great trouble getting my HP Photosmart A636, he appeared right away. Quality I can not recognize a big difference to the old MP450 only the printing speed has increased slightly. Canon Pixma MG2240 is mainly used by me to print invoices and mostly in black and white with not too much color areas, and to copy documents.

Canon Pixma MG2240 Driver Download
This Canon Pixma MG2240 prints are clean and very satisfactory, colors all well taken. Every now and then a printed photo with a good result. No problems with paper feed or paper output, here was my old printer simply not able to print at right angles. The operation on the top is quite illuminating and clear, with the time one sees alldig dust particles on the matt black surface. Whether the entertainment costs are favorable I am after weeks of use but not yet to estimate, for me as an opportunity printer is about 40 prints per month, but it should be quite positive, the purchase price is quite cheap and with replacement cartridges, Canon is so yes Roughly in the middle price segment. All in all a very good printer for the lower middle class.

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG2240

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