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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG2250

Canon Pixma MG2250 Printer Driver. I would like to point out in this review some things that do not appear in the advertisement and are not even documented in the manual. The one star refers to these things, otherwise the printer is largely OK for the price. The Canon Pixma MG2250 printer automatically cleans the print heads of the cartridges can not be turned off. This makes it very frequent and quite loud, whereby the quiet mode becomes the complete nonsense and what do they think of something? Ink is consumed during these operations. This ink lands in a so called ink collection container, which is actually a sponge or something; If it is full is no longer printable and one can the printer fix or "repair", which of course costs as much as the whole printer, presumably one can pull the Murks also itself, but is not documented, as said. This should be the case, however, only after thousands of printed pages, ie after years hopefully. 

Canon Pixma MG2250 Driver Download
What I personally find the same annoying, is that is not configurable. After all, these cleaning processes are not about the Canon Pixma MG2250 printer, but about these funny disposable cartridges. Is my thing, whether I let the dries or not, at any rate I do not like such compulsion. Ultimately, it is no matter if I have to buy the new because they are dry or because in nonsensical many cleaning procedures the ink was exhausted, dear people of Canon with the second variant is almost destroyed the printer, not with the first. Please leave me the decision. If I receive a message "Would you like to activate the automatic print head cleaning, which after a while breaks your printer recommended, you brain-dead consumer". As I said, otherwise the part is not stunning, but OK. Only I have me over these forced cleansing when, turn off and after or / and before each printing process, so where is the logic? So annoyed, that I here times clean and give a star. Maybe it's just a few people who are responsible for something.
Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG2250

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