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HP Officejet K5400 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Officejet K5400
HP Officejet K5400 Printer Driver Download

HP Officejet K5400 Printer Driver Download. I have experience with this HP Officejet K5400 printer can be summarized as "horrible". Within its guarantee interval, HP has replaced the whole unit twice, the first time with an equally however differently defective unit and changed the black+yellow print head, three times. Each of the four calls to HP technical support lasted over an hour. The black print nozzles clogging constantly, replaced bad print head with another unhealthy print head, but determined to send new printer alternatively, then replaced black print head again, #four new printer has paper feed and head alignment issues. When it is working, it's reasonably quick, and the print excellent is excellent. However, it does spend an inordinate amount of time and ink adjusting and aligning itself. The network model i have, also crashes about once a month and must be unplugged and plugged again in earlier than you should utilize it once more. I've had the HP Officejet K5400 for several months now. I'm dissatisfied in two things, it seems to eat ink, i'm always going for walks out of 1 color or yet another. I am just a house makes use of so I don't do plenty of printing. And when I've run out of one color and want to swap to only black, it is not going to let me do so until I exchange the empty cartridge.

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