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Canon Pixma MX714 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX714
Canon Pixma MX714 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma MX714 Printer Driver Download. I have the device now for several weeks in use. Is Utilized printing (simplex / duplex) and scanning, especially with document feeder. What I am very surprised that the ink tanks were the printer case, have been served very well. I have now determined 500 sw pages and 50 color pages printed and still exchanged no cartridge. Quite outstanding is the document feeder during scanning. Papers were folded or stapled together, are recovered without problems and also for duplex scanning (including recycled paper, as z. B. the letter from the tax office. The document feeder of the Pixma is the best I had in all devices. The paper is currently running in, even with larger stacks no problems. What I really like that you can close the pressure valve and thus keeps dust from the paper output tray away, as is the feed from the feeder. Perhaps the only criticism, the paper tray is very small , but this is due to the height of the device and the first page takes a little time. As my main purpose, however, the capture of documents, which is easy to get over. For someone who is little prints the Pixma ideal because the inks are very low and thereby does not matter if times what dries. the Pixma I can recommend 100%.

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